You know you’ve been in a hotshot accountancy firm too long when…

So I was at a board meeting yesterday evening of a small charity of which I am a trustee. This was my first meeting, so although I sort of know how these things work, the specifics were new to me.

One of the items on the agenda was the monthly financial report, which compares where we’re at with where we’re supposed to be. And as my eyes drifted down the columns of figures, something dawned on me. The numbers were in … wait for this … pounds. Yes, actual pounds.

Pound Coins

The Pound: Worth every penny (Image: William Warby)

This may not sound particularly unusual to you. But coming from a background of working with massive organisations with budgets to match, I’m so used to seeing figures rounded to the nearest thousand or million that my mind was temporarily unable to accept that £250 might actually just be, you know, £250 – and not £250,000 or £250 million.

What kind of crazy world do I inhabit that £250 counts as little more than small change? In my defence, I do recognise that this behaviour is somewhat unusual. And when it’s my own money, £250 is definitely worth looking after. So perhaps there’s hope for me yet. But to be honest, it looks like I got out just in time.

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