The many faces of Molly the Labrador

Molly, my Labrador, is particularly expressive. If she’s happy, you’ll know it. And if she’s unhappy, then you’ll know that, too. And there’s a whole range of emotions in between. Here’s a quick guide to some of her most common moods.

Here’s ‘cheerful’…


And here’s ‘alert’…


Here, for the sake of balance (and realism), is ‘slightly nuts’…


Here’s ‘Alert! Unauthorised something going on here! Alert!’

IMG_2886 Here’s ‘tired’…


Here’s ‘dubious’. We get this a lot. Especially when I try to do some DIY around the house.


Here’s ‘playful’… We get this one a lot, too. There’s usually a tennis ball involved.


Here’s ‘What the hell are you doing? I’m trying to sleep here’.


And here’s ‘tired’ again. No, I don’t know why nobody’s using the sofa. It’s probably too covered in dog hair.


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