Being a bit of a photography enthusiast, I’d been reading a lot recently about the new generation of compact system cameras, which are essentially a reinvention of the camera using modern technology. This is as opposed to bolting new electronics onto an SLR camera, which is what gave us the digital SLR.

(Please don’t take this as me dissing DSLRs, though – I swear by my good old Canon EOS 500D, even if I do keep getting sand and dust all over the mirrors.)

So Natalie and I have finally got around to spending our Christmas money* on a shiny red Nikon 1 J2, which we have – for reasons that I won’t go into here – called ‘hotshot’.** As there’s now a Nikon 1 J3, we got quite a good deal, including a rather nice telephoto lens in addition to the regular one.

Inevitably, the camera is way smarter than I am. It does most of the things that my DSLR does, but also has a few rather cool special functions that would usually require some sleight of hand with Photoshop. For example, you can select a colour and take photos that put everything but that colour in greyscale. Here are some that I took at my desk… (I apologise for the mess.)

You can also take really easy panorama shots. Again, here’s an example from my desk. I also have some proper panoramas taken outside, which I’ll put up in a separate post soon.

And finally, you can take photos that make things look like little miniatures. The camera does this by blurring the top and bottom of the photo. Here’s an example of my car (which, to be fair, isn’t that big to start with).

Anyway, that’s our new hotshot. More photos of things other than my desk and my car to follow soon.

* Isn’t it great when you’re in your mid-thirties and you still get Christmas money from your parents?

** Is it only me who gives my gadgets names? Please tell me that it’s not.

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