It’s the autumnal equinox tomorrow, that time of year when the night becomes longer than the day and winter starts to set in. And as Molly and I sauntered out of the house first thing this morning, it looked like the planet was trying to get a head start. The sky was still dark, the crescent moon glowed gently above the horizon and the brightest stars still shone through the early dawn.

By the time we headed out on our morning walk, the sun had heaved itself sleepily above the horizon and the new day was crisp and fresh. The grass was dewy underfoot and the valley below us was awash with a velvety mist. Even the sun struggled to shine down on us through a thin layer of cloud.


In the distance, we could see the little villages across the valley. If you look carefully in the photo below, in the ‘v’-shaped gap between the trees, you can just make out the stumpy tower of Chelvey church. Soon, as autumn progresses, the houses in the woods will light their fires and the wisps of smoke from their chimneys will trickle slowly up into the morning sky.

The valley

As we took in this picturesque early morning scene, even Molly seemed to feel a sense of occasion. She stood silently next to me, looking out regally over her domain.


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