Autumn bliss

I knew it was going to be a nice morning as soon as I stepped outside, just before sunrise, and saw the planet Venus glimmering brightly in the heavens. And sure enough, as Molly and I set out for our morning walk, the sky was clear, the dew was shimmering and the Sun was radiating for all it was worth.

IMAG0518After we’d wandered around the fields and woodlands for three quarters of an hour or so, we arrived at Molly’s favourite ball-throwing field. So we spent the next fifteen minutes playing with her manky old ball-on-a-string, which came free with something or other and now lives permanently in my coat pocket.

IMAG0522There were a few other dogs and their owners around, like us enjoying the unexpected good weather, and Molly kept a close eye on proceedings. We wouldn’t want anyone to steal that ball now, would we…

IMAG0529I was having a really great time pootling around in the sunshine. And so, as you can see, was Molly. In fact, we’re both now planning what we’ll do for our walk this afternoon. If, in fact, we can wait that long.


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