New article alert: Capturing new worlds

Capturing new worlds: How to image an exoplanet. A feature article exploring how astronomers are seeking to take direct images of planets orbiting stars other than our own. Including what they have achieved so far, what they are planning next and how we may one day be able to see an ‘Earth-twin’ orbiting a star like the Sun. Published in the May 2019 issue of Astronomy Now magazine. Read it here.

2 thoughts on “New article alert: Capturing new worlds

  1. Is there a way that magnetic disturbances can be seen protecting planets from their suns solar flares? Aurora’s. These planets could be habitable as we have these things around us but we are kept safe.


    • Hi Nigel. Yes, the Earth’s magnetic field does protect the Earth from some of the effects of solar flares. If I remember correctly, some charged particles do get in at the poles, though, which is what gives rise to the aurorae. There’s a so-called ‘habitable zone’ for exoplanets, where surface conditions could support liquid water, i.e. with the appropriate temperature and atmospheric pressure. But I guess that things like protection from solar flares, etc., would also be a factor to consider. Cheers, Simon.


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