An unexpected day of rest

Having been away for a couple of days during the week, I started the day today with a long list of things I wanted to get done. A bit of work, some projects in the garden, a good long walk or two with the dogs, perhaps lunch out somewhere, catching up with some reading, and a training session or two with Ozzy*. But I think we all know, of course, that was never really going to happen.

I first suspected that things weren’t going to go quite to plan at about 5.30am, when Ozzy leapt off the bed (where she sleeps draped over my feet) and raced down the stairs. This is never a good sign, because it means that (a) she’s about to throw up or (b) a police tactical team has just breached the back door.

Instinctively, I leapt out of bed and followed her down the stairs, thankfully waking up just before I needed to negotiate the sharp right-hand turn at the bottom of the stairs into the living room. There I collided with Molly, our other Labrador, who tends to sleep on a mat in the living room and was just as confused as I was.

The absence of tac’d-up police heavies charging the other way indicated to me that we were in a ‘puppy about to hurl’ scenario, so Molly joined me on my madcap dash to open the back door and turf Ozzy out into the garden before things reached a critical juncture. Ozzy had been a bit peaky on Friday, so I was fearing a recurrence.

Once in the garden, things de-escalated a little. Ozzy didn’t need to throw up, it turned out, so she and Molly had a wee and spent a few moments enjoying the calm silence that comes with being the only people (or dogs) up and about at 5.30am on a Sunday. After a while, though, I managed to coax them inside and we all went back to bed.

When we got up ‘properly’ about an hour later (things start early around here), Ozzy was clearly still a bit under the weather. She didn’t want any breakfast, which is always a bit worrying with a Labrador, and didn’t put up too much of an argument when I turned back earlier than usual on our walk (although it was pouring with rain, which may have influenced her judgement).

And so, rather than working my way through the things on my to-do list, I’ve spent much of the day curled up on the settee, with Ozzy by my side and Molly at my feet, a cup of tea in my hand and a book balanced on my knees. And, while I’ve not actually achieved a great deal, it’s actually turned out so far to be quite a good day. A day of rest and relaxation. And all the better for it being so unexpected.

Oh, and Ozzy seems to be feeling a lot better, too. She’s blagged several dog biscuits off me and has just raced off with one of Natalie’s slippers…

* For anyone who may not be aware, Ozzy is the younger of my two Labrador dogs.

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