Astronomy talks

As part of my commitment to sharing the wonders of the night sky with a wider audience, I regularly give talks on astronomy and related topics to local and community groups.

Current talks

At the moment, I have one main talk that I deliver, but am working on a few more. To be honest, though, this talk always goes down really well and I absolutely love giving it.

observing-the-night-sky Observing the night sky: An introduction

This illustrated presentation introduces the audience to the allure of the objects in our night sky, such as the moon, the planets and deep sky galaxies and nebulae. We learn how easy it is to get started in astronomy and what we can see with the naked eye, with binoculars and with telescopes. We then consider in a bit more detail how telescopes work and conclude by looking at some of the resources available to those who would like to learn more.

Some general information about my talks

My talks are illustrated and last about an hour, though I can be flexible on timing if necessary. I use PowerPoint slides, though can bring my own laptop and projector. I usually try to bring along some of my telescopes, too, so that people can see what they’re like. And if the sky is clear, we can do a little bit of observing afterwards.

I don’t charge for my talks, but would appreciate reimbursement of travel expenses if I’m travelling outside the West Country. And if you feel that you simply must pay me, then I’ll happily accept a donation to support our work at the Bristol Astronomical Society (which is a registered charity, number 299649).

If you’re interested in me giving a talk to your group, please don’t hesitate to contact me.