The Dogs

As anyone who knows me will already be aware, I have two Labradors: Molly (the orange one) and Ozzy (the black one). They’re both from working lines, which means that they’ve been bred to work all day in the field. And so they have massive amounts of energy. And a drive to ‘do stuff’ that puts me to shame.

Here they are:

Molly and Ozzy the LabradorsMolly’s eleven years old now and is hugely sociable, loving nothing more than ‘surfing’ a crowd of people and getting lots of attention. Ozzy is three years old and is shaping up as a fantastic dog. She has almost insane levels of motivation and drive, especially when it comes to playing with her ball.

The dogs usually tag along with us when we’re out and about. They love long walks, of course, but they’re also big watersports fans. Here’s Molly canoeing with us:

Molly canoeingI also like to go running with the pair of them. Molly used to enjoy a regular 6- to 10-mile cross-country run with me, but in her advancing years she now prefers an easy couple of miles through the woods. Ozzy, on the other hand, is gradually taking up the long-distance mantle, though we’re building up the miles slowly as she’s still growing. We currently run three to four miles several times a week.

Here they are doing their thing:

Molly and Ozzy out runningBecause Ozzy has so much energy and drive, though, she really needs a ‘job’ to do. And so I’ve started to train her as a search dog. We’re working on looking for live people at the moment, but my longer term aim – once she’s got the hang of that – is to train her to look for ‘historical’ (i.e. really old) human remains. That would make her one of the world’s few archaeology dogs. But we still have a long way to go yet.

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