The dog’s new favourite place (other than the sofa)

A while ago, a fellow dog walker recommended that Natalie, Molly and I take a day trip to Saunton Sands in North Devon. She described it as some kind of dog heaven: miles and miles of sandy beach and, more importantly, no restrictions on our canine friends. I filed this information away somewhere in the deeper recesses of my brain and thought nothing more about it. Until one particularly sunny day last month, though, when we decided to leap in the car and give it a try.* Continue reading


As I sit here at my desk with a bit of a cold, staring at the rain pouring down outside and listening to the wind buffeting against the side of the house, I thought I’d cheer myself up (and avoid doing any work for a little bit longer) by sorting out my photos from my recent trip to Devon for a weekend of expedition training with the fantastic people at Monty Halls’ Great Escapes. Continue reading

Photo of the week

Sunset at Thurlestone Beach

Sunset at Thurlestone Beach

I took this picture just before sunset at Thurlestone Beach in South Devon. We’d been playing with the dog for an hour or so while watching the kite surfers do their thing. Watching the sun go down was the perfect end to the day.

N.B. Regular readers will notice that this Friday slot has evolved slightly from its previous incarnation as ‘Gratuitous Labrador photo of the week’. While my furry orange sidekick is still just as photogenic as before, I’ve decided to broaden my repertoire a little. Though I’m sure I’ll still manage to sneak in the odd photo of Molly from time to time.