Sore feet… and a smile

It is done. After four hours, thirty nine minutes and fifty seconds of bimbling through the Somerset countryside, I have now completed my very first marathon. Yes, it was the Somerset Levels and Moors Marathon on Saturday and, after six months of ever longer training runs, I found myself on the start line and ready to go. My support team (Natalie and Molly) were a little less enthusiastic, but had managed to drag themselves out of bed to cheer me off at the start and peel me off the pavement at the finish.
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Marathon ambitions

Regular readers will know that I’m a bit of a runner. I’m not Mo Farah, by any means, but I do like to pull on my trainers and get out and explore the countryside. Until recently, I’d been running four or five times a week – work and other things permitting – and was covering about thirty or so miles a week. I’ve previously run a couple of 10k races, but, to be honest, I prefer trundling around on my own to being jammed between several thousand other runners. Continue reading