My writing

I write about things that interest me and that I think will interest other people, too. The world is a fascinating place and there are so many stories to tell.

I write mostly about politics, political philosophy and public finance. I tend to focus on the public services and on the ways in which the decisions we make impact on our ability to deliver these services effectively, but my work in this area covers quite a lot of ground. You can read some of the things I’ve written here.

I used to write quite a lot about science, nature and the environment. I have a particular interest in the policy and funding aspects of these, but can easily be led astray by a particularly interesting scientific theme or by something that isn’t getting the attention it deserves. You can read some of my science writing here.

I’m keen to write books and to work on other longer-term projects, too, so that I can explore in more detail some of the topics that I cover. It’s early days yet, and even a single book is a significant undertaking, but it’s very much something that I’d like to do. You can follow my progress here.

I also write from time to time about other things that interest me. Which is a pretty broad field, to be honest. But sometimes I get so excited about something that I just have to tell everyone about it. Click here to see what I’m talking – or, rather, writing – about. And check out my blog posts.